About me

I am:

  • a Computational Scientist and Software Engineer at Continuum Analytics
  • happily married to Kelley
  • an amateur carpenter
  • a casual home-brewer
  • a high performance computing (HPC) professional
  • a programming enthusiast
  • a Python trainer

Academic Pedigree

In May of 2011, recieved a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas for studying how mathematical studies from ecology can be applied to modern CPUs.

Before that, I was awarded an M.S. from Arizona State University for work on cluster computing with virtual machines. The term I used for cloud computing (before cloud computing existed) was "Dynamic Virtual Clusters".

My academic career began in 2003, when I did an REU (research experience for undergraduates) under Dan Stanzione at Clemson University. I graduated from Clemson in 2004 and moved to Tempe, Arizona to start work as an HPC cluster administrator at ASU.